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RapidEye is a simple but funny casual game. It shows a board with 24 (simple) or 36 (medium) boxes. Each box is labeled with a number. The goal of the game is to click on each box in a certain order as fast as possible.
After each game you can publish your score on your Facebook wall (you have to connect with Facebook in the Options menu) or on the online highscore table. The online highscore table allows to compare your score with the score of other players in the world.

The game is available on the Android market:


Smart Battery Monitor – Release v1.91

I think most of you have already gotten the recent release of the Smart Battery Monitor. It was only a minor release with only a few features and bugfixes. One feature is the translation to German. If your phone uses the German language the app shows the infos also in German. If you don’t like that you are able to switch it back to English in the settings menu.

The most discussed change in this version was the integration of live ads. Some people have commented it directly on the Android market., others wrote me an email. I have to say that it wasn’t an easy decision for me and I understand that many of you are not happy with it. But it was necessary because otherwise the development and maintenance of the app would not be possible in the future. In return, the themes for the Smart Battery Monitor are now available for free – people who bought a theme should keep on reading.

Another thing some people have requested is a paid version without ads. I’m thinking about it. And I’m also thinking about the users who have already bought a theme which is now free of charge. If I make a paid version of the Smart Battery Monitor the users who already spent money for a theme will get the ad-free version for free.

Traffic News

I have implemented a new Android app – Traffic News. This app requests traffic information from the internet and informs the user if there are any problems on the road. Right now, the traffic data are only available for AUSTRIA (thanks to ÖAMTC for the traffic RSS feed).

The traffic infos are requested regularly from the internet (interval can be specified). If there is a problem on the road a notification is shown in the status bar with or without notification tone.

The traffic data is shown in a sortable list. It is possible to order the list either by date/time or by location. By location means that the items are listed with reference to the location of the user. The closest traffic item to the user location is displayed first.
When an item is clicked the traffic problem is shown on a map.

If the back key is pressed on the main screen, it is possible to close the app or to hide it in the background to request further traffic news. This is useful if another app (e.g. navigation) should run in the foreground.


  • Requests traffic information
  • Displays them also on a map
  • Notifies the user with a status bar message
  • Notification tone can be enabled
  • Can run in the background

Are you interessted in it? Then download the app from the Android market and have fun.

Smart Battery Monitor – Release v1.9

Today, I released a new version of the Smart Battery Monitor. It includes some new features:

  • The settings menu allows you to enable the vibrator to signal the
    • fully charged state and
    • almost empty state (15% remaining) – Thanks to Dante’ for the great idea.
  • The changelog can now be accessed from the menu.
Check it out and don’t hesitate to contact me if there is a problem or you have another idea to improve the app.

ANT:l (beta) – ANonymous Tracking of Locations

ANT:l (ANonymous Tracking of Locations) uses your phone to collect location data. But unlike Google Latitude or something similar it is totally anonymous.

The app has some other cool features like adding status messages to your location or sharing your location for a limited time with your friends on Twitter, Facebook or simply by e-mail or SMS. The status message are also posted to the common Twitter account “ant_location”. So, we are very curious about the messages!

The app provides a home screen widget which shows your latest status message. You can tap on it to launch the ANT:l app.

Visit the ANT:l website


  • Share your location with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, SMS, …
  • Post status messages on the ANT:l website and on the common Twitter account ant_location
  • Home screen widget shows latest status message.

How anonymization works:
At the very first launch of the application it generates an unique ID. It is not possible to use this ID to identify you or your device. The ID is only used to reference the submitted location data.

The main goal of ANT:l is to analyze the collected data to learn where a lot of people are on their way and when. We may learn the traffic patterns for various locations all over the world. And we may locate special situations like traffic jams. It could be possible to predict such situations and warn users before the situation becomes real. That’s the reason why we are interested in the location data.

Have a look at the Android Market and checkout the free ANT:l app.

SBM Battery Widget – Discount Price

I decided to lower the price of the SBM Battery Widget to its minimum. Right now, you have to pay only 0.50 EUR (or whatever it is in your currency).

Enjoy the lowest price for the great Android battery widget!

Find it on the Android market:

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