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Smart Battery Monitor – Release 1.4


A new update for the Smart Battery Monitor app has been released the last days. I fixed some minor bugs and also added new features. Release 1.3 already included the feature to show the time since the phone has been unplugged from the battery charger But this feature was sometimes not that stable because e.g. if you switched of your phone it wasn’t possible to display the elapsed time.

Now, the event time (plug in charger, unplug charger) is written to a small database file. So, it is also possible to retrieve the right time duration if the phone has been switched off and on. Additionally, the app shows the charge time.

Furthermore, I implemented some things behind the scenes to support future extensions. Currently, I’m planning to make a power aware desktop widget and a graphical visualization of the battery charging and discharging.

– [FEATURE] Elapsed time since last charge (if discharging)
– [FEATURE] Elapsed time since phone has been plugged in (if charging)
– [BUGFIX] Scaling of images in main activity

One Comment
  1. Michael permalink

    Great Battery Meter App! I did have the notification icon freeze at 100 percent at the end of a charge cycle while the Smart Battery App screen showed 95 percent. Selecting show/hide notification icon did not remove the frozen notification icon. Rebooted the phone, App functioning normally now. Phone: Samsung Fascinate.

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