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SBM Battery Widget – the home screen widget


SBM Widget

Today, I want to introduce the new SBM Widget. It is the desktop/home screen widget for the Smart Battery Monitor. To use the SBM Widget you need to have at least the free Smart Battery Monitor app because the Smart Battery Monitor provides the theme for the SBM Widget. This brings me to one of the greatest features of SBM Widget: It is customizable with the already available Smart Battery Monitor themes. So, if you already have one of them you can select it as widget for the home screen. You can select the widget in two different sizes: (1) 2×1 means that two columns and one row is used (perfect size for the “Default” theme and the “TextTheme”); (2) 2×2 means that two columns and two rows are used for larger themes like the “AndroidTheme” and the “TachoTheme”.

How to add the SBM widget to the home screen:

  1. Tap long on your home screen and choose “Add widget” from the upcoming menu
  2. Select the “SBM Widget (2×1)” or “SBM Widget (2×2)”
  3. Select the text position and the app which should be launched when you tap on the widget
  4. Choose one of the installed themes!
  5. That’s it! There is no step 5.

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