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Call for custom theme designs


Do you want your own battery status icon in the notification bar and/or on your home screen?? Right now, I offer you the unique chance to send me your images and I will build a theme package for the Smart Battery Monitor app and the SBM Battery Widget! All the images and icons you design will be used only for your theme. I don’t use them for other things without your consent.

Image specifications:

Android supports three different display classes – low density (LDPI), medium density (MDPI) and high density (HDPI) screens. These classes are used to scale the images to look almost equal on all three density classes. The medium density is the reference screen size. On high density screens (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S) your images are upscaled with the factor of 1.5. For low density screens (e.g. Sony Ericsson X10 mini) the images are downsized with a factor of 0.75. For example an image with 48px x 48px on an MDPI screen has 72px x 72px on an HDPI screen and 36px x 36px on a LDPI screen. The scaling could blur the images – mainly small images are concerned. So, it could be better to draw and save the images for all three resolutions. More details about the screen handling of Android can be found in the Android DevGuide.

  1. Large image used for the Smart Battery Monitor main screen and the home screen icon:
    • Width should not exceed 300px (MDPI)
    • Height is basically not limit
  2. Notification bar icon (should be designed for all three screens):
    • 25px width (19px and 38px)
    • 25px height (19px and 38px)
    • If you want to change the icon for different battery levels you have to provide several images (characters have to be part of the image).
  3. Theme icon used for the theme chooser (should be designed for all three screens):
    • 48px width (36px and 72px)
    • 48px height (36px and 72px)

If you are interested and you have an idea for your own personal theme, please contact me by email. Then, we can discuss the details!

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