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[Update] Smart Battery Monitor v1.6


There is a new version of the Smart Battery Monitor available. It is only a minor update and adds one additional requested feature.

The app already keeps track of the time when the charger was plugged on or off. Now, it is possible to show either the elapsed time or the exact point in time when the device was taken of charge or put on.

  1. athmoss permalink

    Great app, i’m just wondering why does it need the permission to “modify battery statistics”? It does not seem right to me, but maybe i’m wrong. Can you explain, please? Thanks

    • Thanks for your comment. I think the description of the permission is wrong. The permission “BATTERY_STATS” is necessary to collect battery statistics and not to modify them. At least the Smart Battery Monitor is using it that way.

      • athmoss permalink

        Thanks for the clarification 🙂

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